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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

Captain Randy Hall wrote: View Post
>> So much for not reading everything we wrote <<
I didn’t have to. I could feel the heat from you calling me a “dickhead” while saying I’m childish and that I over-react to things.

>> I never said we wouldn't have anything ready. If you go back and take the time to read (carefully) what I posted, you will see that I actually said that we could be releasing our first batch of episodes any day or any week now. I just can't give you a precise date because I don't know the precise date. You are, again misconstruing my words.<<
Your group hasn’t produced any new projects since last September, and you “could” be releasing stuff “any day or any week now.” If you can’t narrow it down to a reasonable deadline, you’re entering the “Exeter Zone,” where grandiose promises are made but somehow, they never quite happen. I’m better at being a reporter than a psychic.

>> Honestly, I don't know that I want our production in any way associated with the hamfisted, childish claptrap you're running here, especially if you're going to be such a rude dickhead about this.<<
And I’m the one who over-reacts. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..

>>just be honest: you don't like that Potemkin_Prod and I pointed out these (really, honestly) minor errors and now you're punishing us for it. punishing us for it.<<
Really? How many times have I taken you and PP’s favorite off the list? I have to admit that you guys aren’t helping yourselves by pouring gasoline on a flamefest, but the jury’s still out on whether or not it’s worth the grief of dealing with two items out of a list of better than the dozen or so others that usually if not always can give at least a guesstimate of when a release is coming.

>> Then again, you've spent the entirety of this thread ignoring the cogent points, reading only what you want to read, and thus we've been going around in circles.<<
I’ve responded to your questions. It’s just that you don’t like the answers. I still don’t know how a fan film goes from rating itself EXPLICIT to GENERAL while leaving the EXPLICIT ones online. And I must have misplaced my crystal ball to tell me when a project that hasn’t released anything in the past 9 months or so will suddenly appear.

And I don’t blame anyone who’s read this thread over the past couple of days and went somewhere else that doesn’t require asbestos clothing or goggles. This is not what I had in mind when I started these threads (obviously), but we'll see how long it lasts from here.

While I hate dragging Barbreader into this, if what you want is to be included in a list with no time constraints, check out her Star Trek Reviewed site at
You know Randy, this last post of yours is entirely emblematic of the real problem you have here.

It's not me or Potemkin or anyone else. It's your unfailing inability to address the points being raised.

You had no problem answering everything in my last post that you could get away with answering and still play the victim of this piece. Yet you completely ignored my third paragraph where I again took the time to explain what the deal was with our release schedule. Here it is again, in case your little ol' dialup won't let you scroll up:

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
Captain Randy Hall saidSecond, if I put you folks in that listing, it wouldn't be long before others would see that and want that same courtesy even if their last effort was in the deep, dark past, which would defeat the purpose of this thread in the first place. I've done my best to talk with the folks in the list, and almost all of them said they'll have something produced by Labor Day. I'm sure some won't get that done, but at least they know I'm watching and waiting.
So, by this logic, because I can't give you a specific date and time when our first podcast will be posted for release, you refuse to place a listing for us in your upcoming releases section. NOTE: This is entirely separate from the controversy over whether or not our show has any adult content (it doesn't). You are saying that despite my assertion that we are almost done with our work and that we will likely have releases out soon, it's just plain not good enough for you. Gotcha.
From the first post in this thread, posted by YOU:

Captain Randy Hall wrote: View Post
I hope everyone found the "March/April/May" thread as useful as I intended it to be. Again, if there's something out there I've missed (whether live-action, animated or audio of any era of Star Trek) that you'd like to see here, feel free to put a post in this thread about it or PM it to me.

My only request is that we focus on new projects here. I do review some older films and other productions in my Fan Film Friday column, so I hope that here we can all find some shiny new goodies to enjoy!
So, you want to focus on new projects, including audio. Well looky here, Lost Frontier is an audio project, and it's got new episodes coming out soon!

And from the second post in this thread, also posted by YOU:

Star Trek: Phase II
“Enemy Starfleet”

Star Trek: Imperium

Star Trek: The Romulan Wars Part 3

Star Trek Requirius Parts 2 and 3
... so these productions are ok to be listed with "NO RELEASE DATE GIVEN" but Lost Frontier isn't, despite the irrefutable fact that I have repeated over and over again that Lost Frontier may well begin releasing it's episodes this week. Or it could start on the 4th of July. Or Maybe not till August.

You are exploiting a minor irrelevancy (because you likely have no true appreciation for the quality control and process involved with producing an audio drama) to service your overarching incredulity, again, 'just to stick it to us.'

I said it before -- you're as transparent as saran wrap with this charlatan behavior.

If you're going to remove Lost Frontier, or not include it solely because of the logic you listed above, not only are you being a hypocrite toward us, you're also doing it in full public view of anyone who can fire a few neurons and connect the dots while reading this thread. You're playing favorites, and it's obvious as hell.

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