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Re: How come no one is working on the Star Trek sequel?

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They got the Kobayashi Maru scenario completely wrong in this movie. Even Kirk's attitude. The original Kirk wanted to WIN the unbeatable scenario. He wanted to find the solution to the problem. He didn't want to make fun of it.
But that doesn't make sense. There is no "solution". The test was designed not to be very, very hard, but impossible. Thus it's immediately obvious to everyone that he's cheating when he doesn't die or when anything not originally programmed in happens.

Making a statement and a mockery of the test is far more believable (and dignified) than "playing along" and pretending he "won" it. In the former, Kirk makes a point while in the latter he looks like a sore loser attempting (impossibly and stupidly) to lead everyone around him on.
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