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Re: Danica McKellar: Genre babe of the week #20 (June 2010)

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You know, in two decades, Iíve never noticed her chin. But those sharp knees? Damn! I should have gone with someone else.

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I don't remember the end of The Wonder Years very well. I think I remember Future Kevin saying he and Winnie "sealed the deal" in the episode's end, but in the epilogue he tells us what all happened in the lives of his family fromt he point the series ended until the point where he's narrating it to us. So did Kevin and Winnie end up getting married?
I keep thinking that if the show was still on, it would be 1990. So basically, the pics in this thread are of Winnie Cooper circa the late 80s.

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This is actually going to be the theme from now on -- TrekBBS wives of the week. Next week will be Agent Richard07's wife Carey Lowell, and the week after his ex-wife Cindy Crawford.

Oh, wait, did I just reveal who he really is to everyone?

Ok.. wait a minute.. you're trying to tell me AgentRichard007 is Richard Gere?? Ok.. I find that REALLY hard to believe. LOL Would be rather cool but hard to believe.
Believe it! And the Dalai Lama is going to be Hunk of the Week!


Too funny. While I know it's not Richard Gere the idea of Richard Gere taking part in a GBOW threads for several years is rather amusing. I can see some woman coming up at some glam Hollywood party and slapping him cause he gave her a thumbs down!! LOL
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