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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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...since the entity could alter people's thoughts and perceptions, maybe it made them think it was where they were looking, while it made it's escape on the opposite direction!
Solves the issue of putting a second stepway where the "office" etc is located in other episodes.
I arrived at a similar solution when I did my mk1 plans a few years back. Basically, I figured that the entity was shining a really bright light onto the wall from it's vantage point by the steps and that's what our heroes were looking at. Lame? Certainly. But it solved the problem for me at the time.

However, maybe the entity can project an image of itself from one location into another, like a defensive camoflage ability? There's actually another example of this in the episode, when Kirk first spots it in the corridor:

One minute, the entity is seen at the struts of a concentric corridor:
(click for larger size)

The next, it's resting by a corridor junction! (that 9" vertical pole is a dead giveaway)
(click for larger size)

If one is a projection, problem solved!

So we (the viewer) never actually see what Kirk and Spock are looking at. Actually I think the entity's projection is hovering in the middle of Engineering, right next to the ceiling. This would also explain why Kirk and Spock appears to be starring in different directions (or else the projection moved).

Finally, my theory is also a great argument for Engineering not being in the secondary hull, cos it was only an illusion we saw leaving the ship at that point!
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