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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

I got enough donations to build some more partitions, so I spent Saturday at Lowes and on the carport painting them. Planned to finish the forward "mainviewer" but my elbow was bothered by tendonitis and spent the day with a heat wrap wrapped around it. Feeling better today, and hope to finish the forward partitions this evening, with the rest of the viewscreen Tuesday.

The rope light idea was one of Linda's suggestions, and reinforced by Thomas Sasser. I'd planned on putting a fluorescent tube in there, but no need with those cute little lights. The lens over them is a cut diamond patten acrylic (typical of overhead fluorescent lighting), and trimmed with some nice L-shaped trim that really is there to hide the rougher edges of the partition.

I keep laughing at my progress. Ricky's been tied up with school (he's taking education courses in Atlanta to get certified to teach), and Van's been tied up with his other projects. That's basically left me, Linda and the kids to work on the set. Linda's an engineer in real life, so she comes out and makes all these, suggestions, especially in terms of making it easy for her to go from the kitchen to her truck on the driveway. The boys take turns helping (one does one partition, the other does the other). Kim resorts and reorganizes the materials when we're through.

I'm looking forward to seeing your puppets! When are you going to post them?
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