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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@CRA - sure But as wildstar mentioned and as a disclaimer that my renderings are still subject to human error

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Got a screencap? I'm curious. (The Elaan and Scotty/ deflector shield reference)
Sure. I'm assuming it is a shield device as Scotty plugs the cloaking device into the shield system in "The Enterprise Incident". They aren't exactly in the same location between episodes though. In "Elaan" the device seems to be closer to the EMM wall and in "Incident" it is more in the open area between the dilithium floor energizer and the EMM.

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Also, maybe since the entity could alter people's thoughts and perceptions, maybe it made them think it was where they were looking, while it made it's escape on the opposite direction!
Solves the issue of putting a second stepway where the "office" etc is located in other episodes.
That is possible. As you can see, the entity was shown in the balcony area as it leaves but yeah they weren't consistent in it's location. (It might have been floating around to keep an eye on Kirk though ) From where the people looked, the balcony was either on the forward wall near the EMM or sometimes over by the EMM near the back wall. The majority of the sequence suggests the forward wall. I'd have to watch it again to see if there is a direct link though.

@Mytran - I can see if I've got room to move it higher. Because we see the ladder, I'm inclined to keep it at the same height as the regular balcony though

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