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latest "Alien" prequel rumours

the new films have involved "a lot of underwater research". So what does that mean? An ocean planet origin for the jockeys?
*Mark Verheiden's 1990s comics (the adventures of Newt and Hicks after Aliens, before Alien 3 arrived and killed them off) did just this, suggesting that the Jockeys are badass warriors who intend to enslave humanity once they've finished with the Xenomorphs.
John Spaihts has written the screenplays, and the current due date for part one is late 2011.
More On Alien Prequels From Ridley Scott

- This film will go very deep into the possibilities of terra forming and the realities of what it would actually take for humans to leave earth. He then started talking sort of technically about light speed and stuff.
Ridley Scott Dishes on Two ALIEN Prequels And Much More at Hero Complex Film Festival
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