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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

>>As I have stated before, I am one of the writers for the Lost Frontier podcasts. Work has been underway since last fall to get our new, 18 episodes ready for release.

Problems we had prior to prepping our new season were numerous. The gentleman who originated the series decided several times to just hang up his hat and end the show. Others, like myself volunteered to take on the writing, post-production and casting duties to continue the series because we felt there were enough people interested that it would be worthwhile. Work continues to this day on this set of 18 episodes. However, as you pointed out, the last released episode was in September.

In an effort to avoid the long gaps between episode releases (where once it had been one episode per month, it suddenly became several months between releases), our new "showrunner" elected to make sure we had a nice batch of episodes ready to go before we start releasing them.

As he is in graduate school, his time is limited. I'm still working on my allotted three scripts, however much work is required even after said scripts are written. Some of which I assist on, some of which I am unable to.

This is just a sampling of what's going on behind the scenes over here, however I felt it was important to address your point that we haven't had a new show out since September. The reason we don't advertise our premiere dates anymore is simple:

There are too many fans out there who cry foul and raise a shit-storm if we don't meet our deadline. So, rather than deal with naysayers and complaining on top of our regular daily lives, responsibilities, joys and frustrations, we don't advertise our release dates till we're absolutely certain we're ready for them. This could very well be in June, July or August. I am unable to say so with any certainty right now because I just plain don't know if it will.

What I don't understand is the seeming bias being shown against us. Starship Exeter is still working on their second episode, and no release date has been officially given for their final act, yet they are still listed "NO RELEASE DATE GIVEN" on your list here. Why can't we be shown the same courtesy?<<

First of all, I don't have an entry for Exeter, and I don't remember whether I ever had one. I appreciate your efforts toward making 18 (!!!!!!!) episodes at about the same time, but you say you likely won't have something ready in the next few months.

Second, if I put you folks in that listing, it wouldn't be long before others would see that and want that same courtesy even if their last effort was in the deep, dark past, which would defeat the purpose of this thread in the first place. I've done my best to talk with the folks in the list, and almost all of them said they'll have something produced by Labor Day. I'm sure some won't get that done, but at least they know I'm watching and waiting.

So when you folks do have something new really coming out, post it here in the thread and I'l include it in the list.

That's the best I can do under the circumstances. I don't want or need a list with 40 entries out of which only 10 would have produced something in the previous year.
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