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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

What was fun about doing "Revenant" for this collection was that Marco Palmieri pretty much let me have free reign to do what I wanted--so I chose more of a horror theme, because I wanted to get the Borg back to their nasty, terrifying selves. From what I've read here, that came through pretty well--and I thank y'all for letting me scare you a little!

Granted, the "gluttony" theme was secondary to the horror element. but I think it mostly stands as more of a motive for the Borg, not to mention the stirrings that the characters are feeling deep inside as they slowly assimilate. That part of it is pretty subtle, until the end when it manifests itself as more of a hunger for revenge. However you slice it, though, even this incarnation of the Borg are at the mercy of their drives--and it would be interesting to see them wrestle with that in another story.
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