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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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@Mytran - I'm reading 6'5" off the ground (which seems to match the height of the balcony on the other side). So far fairly consistent and I'm able camera match across several episodes where the EMM is featured (whew!)
Thanks - this height issue has bugged me for years, it's fantastic to have some be able to build a 3D replica of the set and try these things out!

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And then (a head scratcher) in "Day of the Dove" the mysterious entity is seen floating in the balcony area where the red ladder is. But the entire time it is there, all the characters are looking over by the wall above the antimatter bypass room! I just might fit another balcony on that side just to see how it would look...
Again a very curious choice on behalf of the director! I'm asssuming it was done due to the lack of a 4th wall on the side of the EMM. However, judging by the angle that Kirk et al are looking, I thought it could imply a platform even higher off the ground than you've placed it - if that would help the layout at all?

You are rocketting through these remaining episodes, blssdwlf. I had hoped to produce definitive articles on set layouts for all episodes, but at this rate you'll be done long before I start the first one! (especially as I haven't started converting my notes yet - real life getting in the way and all that )
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