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Re: "Revenant" Questions/Discussion - Spoiler Alert

Hi, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed my contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins. You certainly hit it on the head when you describe it as a horror story--that's exactly the vibe I was going for, and I'm happy that came through.

In answer to some of the questions, "Revenant" isn't directly tied to any other TREK lit. Marco Palmieri did send me an outline of DESTINY so that I could keep the story current with that series, but that was about it.

As to who snagged Harlow down in the hellhole, that was actually Carson. As she hinted later when she got caught, she needed to accelerate assimilation of the crew before Starfleet got there.

And about ending--I deliberately kept that a little vague because I saw a real possibility in continuing the storyline, if Pocket chooses to do so. The idea of a rampaging new Borg species tearing up the galaxy seeking revenge was too juicy to resist. If you like that idea too, drop a line to Pocket or post around and let the editors know. It would be loads of fun to expand the idea into a full-length novel.

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