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Re: Danica McKellar: Genre babe of the week #20 (June 2010)

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^ The only way Wonder Years can come to DVD is if they replace all the music. I had no idea Cold Case has never been on DVD -- seven seasons, CBS crime drama, from Bruckheimer -- because it uses a lot of music to cue the timeframe. Music rights for broadcast are different than music rights for resale.
Yet again the reasons I hate the music industry. If greed exists as a corporate problem the music industry has it in spades over oil, banks and everyone else. Their lawyers have managed to fool the system that their product above others is deemed payable every single time. What a crock.
May not have to wait long... I've seen several musicians and music industry industry people being quoted lately saying that the industry is set to fail. One musician was saying just last week that new bands shouldn't sign contracts because it's a matter of months before the whole industry collapses.
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