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Re: Danica McKellar: Genre babe of the week #20 (June 2010)

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BIG thumbs up, and a big BIG thumbs up to lucky dog mverta.
This is actually going to be the theme from now on -- TrekBBS wives of the week. Next week will be Agent Richard07's wife Carey Lowell, and the week after his ex-wife Cindy Crawford.

Oh, wait, did I just reveal who he really is to everyone?

Ok.. wait a minute.. you're trying to tell me AgentRichard007 is Richard Gere?? Ok.. I find that REALLY hard to believe. LOL Would be rather cool but hard to believe. Gere is a GREAT actor but given his choices in roles I'd be surprised to see him as a big fan of sci fo. The Mothman Prophecies is the closest thing I can think of that aligns to the interests of this board.

My favorite Gere movie is Primal Fear. That movie was awesome. Great performances form both him and Edward Norton that went under appreciated.
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