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What happens to the TNG characters now?

For TOS, we know that Kirk died on the planet, by helping Picard defeat Soren. We know that, the last we saw anyhow, Spock was on Romulus. And we also know, again, the last we saw, that Scotty had retired to a colony, and that McCoy was still alive in the 24th century and was an Admiral.

But what of the TNG characters? If there are to be no more TNG movies or TV series, then shouldn't the characters get an official send-off? Or at least some kind of closure?

Should Picard be part of the Admiralty, or an Ambassador? Should Geordi eventually be a Starfleet Captain? The same too with Worf (or a high rank in the Klingon Empire)? Should Riker also be an Admiral? Deanna have a high role in Starfleet Medical, along with Beverly?

I really reckon that Paramount should consider some made for TV movies. It would at least present a chance to close off the characters.
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