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Re: Danica McKellar: Genre babe of the week #20 (June 2010)

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Anone voting Thumbs Down, seriously? Watch the Maxim video of her and tell me you'd be disapointed to find that in your bed.
Actually, I would. She's married.
Let's say her husband and her have an "open" marriage or, for the sake of argument, she's not married in this situation.

I still struggle, sometimes, in these polls because -I guess- I've no concept of what a "thumbs down" is? I mean a thumbs down or a thumbs-sideways because she's got an odd chin?

In the history of these threads I've only given three thumbs down and all due to reasons other than looks. Kristen Kurek -because I hate her character on Smallville, Michele Rodriguez -because I don't like her on-screen "tough bitch" personality- and Katherine Heigl mostly because I find her vastly over-rated by the media and public alike. The last one I fully admit was me being a bit spiteful.

I guess my guaging on these threads has always been off as I vote on attractivness and, personalites onscreen and off and popularity aside, that pretty much always results in an up or sideways. And, yes, I know the sideways votes are -stupidly- counted as downs which pretty much makes them pointless.

Nah.. not pointless.. it's like saying you think she's decent looking but not quite that special look. Thumbs down is you think they aren't pretty at all or don't like their personality at all. Say.. a Katehrine Heigel who I don't like as a person, as I find her to be an ungrateful and classless person. Add in that I think se is WAY overrated in the looks department and you have an easy thumbs down but a thumbs sideways is simply a woman who is attractive but just not my type or whatever. I like the sideways cause it allows me to seperate the votes in a manner more fitting to how I fell about them.
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