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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

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Finished this last night, and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks so much for reading!

It features a very realistic, IMO, scenario of what would have happened if the Dominion had taken over. They're not just overlords, they're insidious. And you look deep into human and Cardassian mentality. As it is, humans are very slow to change, add to that the Graft, and the Dominion would have a very firm hold.
Interesting...I actually think of humans as very quick to change, compared to a lot of Trek species. This is what scared the Dominion so badly that they forced the Graft upon them. The idea of a species that could seemingly change on a whim (part of the very same innovative capacity the Dominion wanted to harness) freaked out the control-obsessed Founders, so they wanted to put humanity on what they THOUGHT would be some kind of leash.

The breaking of the Graft I found fascinating. It's very realistic- and a method many people use to conquer phobias. And you describe it very well!
The narrator and other altered humans never actually broke the Graft, only the indoctrination and fear. They learned how to work with it so it wouldn't paralyze them when they needed to take action.

And you gave us an optimistic ending, which is nice! I don't think, with Phase technology, the Borg will stand a chance!
Unless they assimilate it, which would be horrifying.

I do doubt that the Jem'hadar will all die- I think that once that aren't addicted to White are far more common than the Vorta believe.
Perhaps, but I think a LOT of Jem'Hadar would've taken their own lives, too. And I think the Confederation forces would've hunted down any who remained.

BTW, what is your opinion on this--what ARE the inhabitants of Earth, by the end of the story? What would you call them? And what do you think they should do about the choices they face at the end?
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