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Re: Danica McKellar: Genre babe of the week #20 (June 2010)

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Anone voting Thumbs Down, seriously? Watch the Maxim video of her and tell me you'd be disapointed to find that in your bed.
Actually, I would. She's married.
Let's say her husband and her have an "open" marriage or, for the sake of argument, she's not married in this situation.

I still struggle, sometimes, in these polls because -I guess- I've no concept of what a "thumbs down" is? I mean a thumbs down or a thumbs-sideways because she's got an odd chin?

In the history of these threads I've only given three thumbs down and all due to reasons other than looks. Kristen Kurek -because I hate her character on Smallville, Michele Rodriguez -because I don't like her on-screen "tough bitch" personality- and Katherine Heigl mostly because I find her vastly over-rated by the media and public alike. The last one I fully admit was me being a bit spiteful.

I guess my guaging on these threads has always been off as I vote on attractivness and, personalites onscreen and off and popularity aside, that pretty much always results in an up or sideways. And, yes, I know the sideways votes are -stupidly- counted as downs which pretty much makes them pointless.
Out of hope.
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