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Re: Can Pine's Kirk work as an authority figure?

The elements that Kirk is missing (and may just not have been in evidence in Trek XI rather than truly nonexistent), that will allow him to become an authority figure, are:

1. A stronger sense that he really cares about the people under his command. Shatner's Kirk sometimes came off almost as a den mother, which is a good aspect for a leader to have. You gotta show your people that you are loyal to them before they'll be loyal to you.

2. Dedication to the Federation as an ideological principle. Starfleet exists because of this principle and presumably that's why people are willing to die for it. Kirk has to be presented as someone who is in space for more than just the fun of it, or he'll come off as too shallow to be a real leader.

3. Willingness to roll the hard six. A good leader needs the ability to make decisions even when the options are appalling and the risks are extreme. Kirk needs a bit of that ole Bill Adama quality.

Kirk may already have #1 and #2. #3 is something that he'll develop only as he's confronted with the tough choices. And once again, it's frustrating that this is just a movie series and not TV. For Kirk or any of the characters to be properly developed, they need hours and hours of screen time.

Oh one last thing: dumb luck played a large role in Pine's Kirk's quick promotion. It would be nice to see him whomped upside the head at the beginning of the next movie, because in many ways he's not ready for command, signalling that dumb luck can turn on a dime.
He needed to be an iconoclast and a badass, as well as have "command authority". Everyone who read for the part, they claimed, could only do one or the other, not both-- except for Pine.
Interesting. I can see why that would be a hard combo to find in any single actor.
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