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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

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>>All I'm asking is what exactly about this production are you objecting to?<<

I'm not objecting to anything. I'm trying to classify independent productions so people can find the fan films that they're more likely to enjoy.
But how can you "classify" something you haven't even seen? I went and watched "Reclamation" today (it was slow at work), and I didn't see anything that I would define as "mature content." If you're claiming it's got "mature content," then you should be able to back up that claim, and frankly, Randy, you can't.

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>>I just want to know for my own edification what exactly do you find worthy of the "mature content" warning in "Reclamation." I'm asking because we're about to start filming, and I want to know if something we're planning to do would result in such a warning label to be placed on our fan film.<<

What I said above seems to be a pretty good definition: "One of the best definitions I've heard about that term is that it's something adults don't want children to see or hear. It includes but is not limited to nudity, vulgarity, extreme violence, things like that."
But you've labeled a production you admittedly haven't seen with the loaded (and negative) description "mature content" -- how am I to know whether or not you're going to slap that on my fan film, especially if you don't see it?

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Also, I haven't sampled either "Frontier" entries, but if I take out everything I haven't seen myself, then I wouldn't have to worry about the "Adult" classification. Stupid me for putting in some productions I haven't seen before putting up the list. Next week's list is very likely to be much shorter....
That's an odd and off-putting threat/remark. I've not asked you to do that. I've asked you to explain why you think "Reclamation" has "mature content." You've defined "mature content" as having" nudity, vulgarity, extreme violence, things like that." You admit that you haven't seen "Reclamation," but rather than correct the matter and remove this "mature content" warning, you threaten simply to remove all the productions that you haven't seen.

Frankly, that's just an unwarranted response, but then so is labeling a production that you haven't seen as having "mature content." Is there some sort of agenda you're pushing? I'm honestly curious...
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