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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

>> I don't understand. Someone in the independent production field who you trust told you "Lost Frontier" was a mature content show? If so, how do they know? Have they listened to it? What constitutes 'mature content' anyway?<<

They checked it out and told me about it with the proviso that it would likely be offensive to children. They’ve recommended other projects in the past and were right on. As for “mature content,” check out the post above this one.

>>Up till now, my only positive suggestions had been to request that one fan film I am associated with be included on your list, despite your childish and reactive behavior anytime someone has the gall to suggest something you don't like, or disagree with you.<<

And you accuse ME of overreacting? Sigh.

>>And every time, you just fly off the handle and crybaby your way through it. ("Well then, I'll take Lost Frontier off the weekly list until I have time to listen to it "someday."" -- sound familiar?)<<

Overreaction #2...

>>You know what happened? A dear friend's father died, and I've been dealing with the fallout from that, made doubly worse by the fact that my friend's younger sister had passed away as well, not three months ago too. So don't get on your high horse about "life being too short" or some other platitude when you can't be held accountable to answer a single question.<<

Judging from what’s going on in your life, I’d think that would resonate with you. I’m sorry for your losses, but as they say on DS9, there are only 26 hours in a day, and I’d rather use as much of that time as possible looking for new projects to review than haggle with the same people over and over again about one entry in the list.
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