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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

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Yeah, I don't quite know how Captain Randy Hall can qualify Star Trek: Lost Frontier as 'mature content' if he hasn't listened to a single episode yet; then again, it was like pulling teeth to even get it listed...

Seems to me this list, while mostly inclusive, is decidedly subjective, according to Captain Randy Hall's tastes. Oh well.
So now I can't post something I haven't had the time to listen to?
I never suggested that. I merely asserted that I didn't understand your logic in qualifying "Star Trek: Lost Frontier" as 'mature content' when you had yourself admitted you hadn't even listened to a single show. That's a far cry from saying "you can't post about what you don't listen to," so please don't mix and mingle what I'm saying.

And I should discount the recommendations of people I trust in the independent production field? Well then, I'll take Lost Frontier off the weekly list until I have time to listen to it "someday."
I don't understand. Someone in the independent production field who you trust told you "Lost Frontier" was a mature content show? If so, how do they know? Have they listened to it? What constitutes 'mature content' anyway?

You sure do love to moan and complain, Double. Of COURSE the list is going to reflect my tastes as it would with anyone else doing the same thing.
If by what you call "moaning" you are referring to my essentially stating what is blatantly obvious about your listing here, well carry on. While I understand it's your baby, I don't see the need for you to be so petulant when someone dares bring up some inconsistency or issue they've noticed.

If you think you can actually do this job better than I am, then I say fire away and blind us with your brilliance. Up until now, your positive suggestions have been few and far between. So go ahead and post links to all the fan films I'm supposedly missing.
Up till now, my only positive suggestions had been to request that one fan film I am associated with be included on your list, despite your childish and reactive behavior anytime someone has the gall to suggest something you don't like, or disagree with you.

Further, I never suggested I could do better. I never said I would. I actually think your idea here for cataloging all the fan films is a good idea, and one that should be supported. If I've spoken up about issues, it's because I've considered them issues worthy of being discussed. And every time, you just fly off the handle and crybaby your way through it. ("Well then, I'll take Lost Frontier off the weekly list until I have time to listen to it "someday."" -- sound familiar?)

And whatever happened to you starting an "Adult Content" thread? I recommend you put your energy into something constructive instead of trying to bring down someone who is doing his best to provide a service for people who visit this forum.
Again with the overreacting. Where did this idea about me starting an adult content thread come from? I never agreed to such, nor do I recall it being discussed. Additionally, I don't see how you can interpret my asking a few silly questions as 'trying to bring [you] down." --and that's not even putting aside the heavily melodramatic, self-sacrificial tone of this particular paragraph.

I also don't understand why you continue to come here if all you're going to do is moan and groan all the time. Life is too short to waste on something you apparently don't like.
Again, you are off the mark. As I've stated, I like this idea of yours, and what I don't understand is why you are incapable of answering any questions posed directly to you (frankly, I'll be amazed if your next response contains any direct answers) or why you become so vehement when I do dare ask a question.

Nothing I said in my previous response was untrue. It did take significant effort to get you to include LF on the list, and you haven't listened to the show, so I was genuinely curious as to by what logic you concluded the show should be listed under "mature content."

I had initially planned to raise the issue a few weeks ago, when you finally did include the show and link on your list, but given the rocky nature of our interaction and clearly the inability for any type of constructive criticism to be received as anything other than an attack on you, I declined. And in the interim? You know what happened? A dear friend's father died, and I've been dealing with the fallout from that, made doubly worse by the fact that my friend's younger sister had passed away as well, not three months ago too. So don't get on your high horse about "life being too short" or some other platitude when you can't be held accountable to answer a single question.

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