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Re: Star Trek was completely shut out at the MTV Movie Awards!

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I'm just saying that the fact you get mad at something for not liking what you like is sad. The MTV Movie Awards has and always will be an entertainment show, not an awards show. Why would you let anything determine what constitutes a good movie to you (and that includes the Oscars)? They're all opinion polls with their own discrete voting groups.
I simply made the point that I do not like or watch MTV, therefor them overlooking ST09 doesn't bother me. I didn't say I was mad at anyone. It was your "way to take life too seriously" comment that had me puzzled and a bit fired up (briefly), mainly because I just didn't understand where you were coming from with that.

I watched and loved MTV in the '80s, and I think that what the channel has become since then is nothing short of embarrassing. I doubt I'm the only one in my age group who feels that way.

Of course I wouldn't let anything determine what's a good movie to me, including the Oscars (which I also do not watch). The bottom line is that I can't stand MTV, so why would I care what their movie opinions are? I don't see how that's "sad" or misguided or whatever. It's simply my opinion.
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