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Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

1) DS9
It pretty much had everything I look for in a show. Great storylines, great action, amazing character interaction. The amount you got to know each character, even the secondary characters, the way the show just kept giving great moments and it kept getting better better all the way through.

Will always have that special place in my heart. Despite DS9 being my favourite, TNG has always been the Star Trek I've know. It was everything TOS wanted to be and more.

Well, as you can tell I'm very much a 24th century kind of girl. I did love Voyager, some of the episodes were a bit iffy and some of main characters were boring as hell, but it did have some amazing characters (Janeway, EMH, Seven, Tuvok are my favourite) and again has some very good action, mixed with some complex storylines (granted not half as complex/deep as some of DS9's)

I didn't really like this much, it was a good idea, and characters like T'Pol and Archer were given some good plotlines. But on the whole it just fell flat and I don't like that most of the main characters were pushed right into the background. I do love what they did with the Orion 'slavegirl's' storyline, it was quite fun.

I appreciate that it started it all off, but I don't like the show at all, unless I'm watching purely for the sheer crackiness. Plotlines were rediculous, and I know it was made in the 60's, but I could not handle so much sexism while I watched it.
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