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Re: So what was the deal with Robert Beltran?

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Even so long after the show ended, and every actor involved got on with the rest of their lives, we still have people picking over the fantasy emotional impact of what was a professional gig for a cast of professional actors. They aren't paid to like each other, you know. Few people are paid to like someone.
Indeed.... unless of course you're a prostitute or stripper, but that's a different subject I suppose.

I would have been pretty disappointed as well if I was him and given the character/show that I was. Sure it's just a job.... but it's also Star Trek.

It's supposed to be deep, involving.... people's characters are supposed to have some decent time on air to focus on them and their history..... sure in TOS and TNG there were some conflicts between actors at times, but you always hear about the great memories, favorite episodes, etc. In TOS, TNG and DS9, the stories and characters were deep on so many levels...... but Voyager just seemed to slap the Star Trek logo on the cover and blanket the series with the ST Technology and a fragment of what made the other seriesez great.... which was character development.

Action was just icing on the cake on top of the character development.... but Voyager seemed to focus more on action then substance.

Substance and episodes that make you think about things did exist on Voyager, don't get me wrong.... but it just wasn't there like it was for the other shows.

I still like Voyager.... but TNG and DS9 take the top ranks for me.
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