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Can Pine's Kirk work as an authority figure?

Kirk was "one of the guys" in STXI, on equal footing with Sulu, Uhura, McCoy and the rest. As a stowaway cadet, he didn't command anyone.

As much as I enjoyed the film, and Chris Pine's performance as Kirk, I'm not sure he'll be a convincing authority figure in Star Trek XII.

Can anyone picture him doing captain's logs? Ordering his crew around? Chewing out disobedient whelps? He spends STXI "sticking it to the man"/playing by his own rules/whatever, but how does that help him when he's "the man"?

BTW, This thread isn't about Kirk's uber-promotion. That's been discussed to death already. This is about the XI-version of character. OCD STXI trolls please stay away.
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