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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

The more is found out about the events behind the familiar alliances and emnities, the more of a disappointment the romulans become.

The romulans pride themselves as being accomplished politicians, apt in the art of intrigue and backstabbing.

Yet we know the Federation outmaneuvered the romulans twice on a massive scale (as far as 'intrigue' goes) - once during the Tomed incident and once during the Dominion war.
Not to mention that Earth, then a young spacefaring power, conclusively defeated the centuries old romulan empire in war. And the fact that Shinzon - a single human - got his revenge on the romulans who mistreated him by trashing their entire INTERSTELLAR EMPIRE.

And now, in "The first peer", we find out the klingons also deceived the romulans and not only got away with it, but prospered - obtained cloaking tech, lauched raids against the Federation and set the romulans up to pay for them, etc.

Apprently, the louder the bark, the weaker the bite.
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