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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

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Okay. Tell you what. It's gonna be kind of time-consuming to put it up, so unless Middleman can get to it before I can, I'll put it up tomorrow night or Saturday after work. Sorry that's the best I can do--I've got stuff going on tonight and I'm also preparing for a move.
I'll help you, if you want me to, but 2 thing first. (1) Separate thread. (2) Do we need permission? You have to have a sense of humor for this and the rules here are very narrowly interpreted.
Well, every time I go to post something I worry might be too questionable, I keep being told that as long as it's no worse than PG-13 it's all good...though I've failed to convey that I still am apprehensive because different people and sites have different interpretations of what PG-13 *is*. Honestly, I don't think our little TnT screencap story is any racier than anything in, say, the 5 Words Only thread.

Whether or not we need a separate thread, I don't know. We *do* tell a story about TnT using pictures featuring them, so that, to me, counts as "TnT appreciation."

As for permission, I already got it from the other participants once. As long as we give credit for the ideas that are not our own, it'll be fine.
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