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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

A picture of the keyboard, the full guitar and the guitar hybrid controllers...

And the official teaser/trailer...

Set list creation and song selection has been completely revamped. It’ll be easier to find songs you want to play via advanced filters, which we knew about from the USA Today story. But did you know you’ll be able to hide songs you don’t want to play? And find songs you may not know about via a song-recommendation system that will “suggest tracks from Rock Band’s colossal music library, based on personal fan preference”? You’ll also be able to save set lists and share them with friends, both in-game and via

Everything’s integrated. We knew about the new, all-encompassing career mode that tracks your progress no matter what you’re doing in the game. But did you know that career mode will have over 700 “goals and rewards”? And that online leaderboards will be integrated into the career mode? And that you’ll be able to share your progress via in-game integration with Twitter, Facebook, “and more”? Well, see? Now you do.
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