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That's excellent thinking blssdwlf and I may have to borrow it! While we're on the subject of Mirror Mirror, it is this episode that led me to think the EMM was lower to the ground, perhaps only 5 feet off it! When Scott first steps off the ladder, McCoy is just seen stepping forward onto it - as in, he was on the floor of the soundstage and just walked forward before ascending. At this point (before he starts climbing) his neck is nearly level with the floor of the EMM. It's hard to see because Scott is in the way, but how does it look to you?

Nice catch.

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Trying to configure everything seen onscreen in that area sure is a problem.
In "Elaan..", it was like this:
Yet in "That Which...", the engineer walks into that same area and it is this:
(much easier to see in the actual episode)
Ah, you mean the Antimatter bypass room?

Yep, that would be it. In my layout, as seen in "Elaan..", the desk with the monitor on it made it seem like it's the Chief Engineer's office (I think the FJ plans said they were the Chief Engineer's office as well). Then the larger L-shaped room is the diagnostic workshop, purely a fabrication, not ever seen onscreen. Since this area is the only other way out of engineering, they must have some sort of workshop somewhere where they wouldn't have to leave engineering to get to.

It's a good diagram, but weren't the big power units in S2/3 roated 90 degrees?
I do like all that extra engineering space at the bottom left though! Might that be the dilithium room from Alternative Factor?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I think they were. They were shown both ways, so just chose one.
The dilithium room is on the other side, in similar spot to the reactor room in TMP (in these plans, engineering is in the same area as in TMP). Possibly it became the reactor room in TMP during the refit was the idea.
The layout of it is odd. I had to watch the scenes from Alternative Factor a lot to understand the layout.

Seen here:

you can see that Kirk rushes into an anteroom of sorts (where the short machines are against the wall) from a corridor. If you look close in the episode you can see from the 2 camera angles in and outside the room, that the wall seems to have an angle to it, with more short machines:
So when Lazarus knocks out the redshirt, he hides in that room's corner enough to not be seen by the girl, so I put in a small door to another room that he could have snuck into.

Again, just my interpretation. Not trying to hijack this thread, but just to add my own experience when trying to map out the same stuff blssdwlf is doing.
Nice to see another Lightwaver btw.

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