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Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

When I searched "Favorite Trek Series" here are the titles I got for results.
  • Least Favorite of the 5 Live Action Trek Series
  • It's Official...ENT is my favorite Trek series
  • Favorite Star Trek main character (all series!)
  • Favorite Star Trek Book Series
  • TOS Fans - Your favorite non-Trek TV series
None of them fit the theme of this thread. This thread's theme is: Which of the 6 Star Trek series did you like best. And yes, I'm including the short lived animated version of TOS.
Now on to the poll. I gotta vote.
Doctor Who Episode "FLATLINE".

THE DOCTOR: I mean this is embarrassing.
I'm from the race that built the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Dimensions are kind of our thing. So why can't I understand this?

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