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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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  • Though obviously imperfect and not pleasing everyone, JJ Abrams' Star Trek was a necessary reboot and was as good start as any to genuinely revitalise the Star Trek franchise: it was certainly better than the other two major revamps of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Season One of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something here, but how is that not a popular opinion?
Quite a few Trekkies dislike the changes that STXI brought to the table, although the general population liked it a lot.
Not really. There are only a few here and there. These are the same kind of "fans" who campaigned for the cancellation of Enterprise and still write hate mail to Brannon Braga for dating Jeri Ryan...or post in the TOS forum.
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