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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

I thought it was a servicable novel that could have been great. It had a lot of really interesting bits and Martin really writes these characters "in-voice" well, but there are some really glaring problems with this book...

The first is the dumbass Gorn-Klingon baseball game. There just aren't words to describe how intensely stupid this idea is. Why would either of them agree to this? It's just moronic.

The second is the Martin need to absolutely smack you in the face with his political beliefs/agendas. It wouldn't bother me so much if he hid it better, but to so blatantly make the bumbling idiot president of the Federation an analog of President Bush right down to some of the same real-life issues (almost word for word in some cases) of a couple years ago is just horrible. It completely pulls you out of the story and smashes whatever bubble of disbelief you've built, crashing you right back into the real world. Star Trek is at its best when it can deliver it's message with some SUBTLETY - this was like a punch in the gut.
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