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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

That's excellent thinking blssdwlf and I may have to borrow it! While we're on the subject of Mirror Mirror, it is this episode that led me to think the EMM was lower to the ground, perhaps only 5 feet off it! When Scott first steps off the ladder, McCoy is just seen stepping forward onto it - as in, he was on the floor of the soundstage and just walked forward before ascending. At this point (before he starts climbing) his neck is nearly level with the floor of the EMM. It's hard to see because Scott is in the way, but how does it look to you?

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Trying to configure everything seen onscreen in that area sure is a problem.
In "Elaan..", it was like this:
Yet in "That Which...", the engineer walks into that same area and it is this:
(much easier to see in the actual episode)
Ah, you mean the Antimatter bypass room?

SCOTT: Watkins, check the bypass valve on the matter/antimatter reaction chamber. Make sure it's not overheating.
WATKINS: But, Mister Scott, the board shows correct.
SCOTT: I didn't ask you to check the board, lad.
WATKINS: Yes, sir.
The way Scott is acting makes me think that this is brand new room and he is eager to get some use out of it. It must have been fitted following the events of Day of the Dove since that was the last time we saw Engineering in it's previous configuration (production order). Actually I'm glad that something finally got done with that space. For far too long that alcove had sat there, with a completely pointless door! But I digress.

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It's a good diagram, but weren't the big power units in S2/3 roated 90 degrees?
I do like all that extra engineering space at the bottom left though! Might that be the dilithium room from Alternative Factor?
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