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Re: Star Trek was completely shut out at the MTV Movie Awards!

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Right, that's why it outperformed every other version by a hundred miles.
Why does comparison even matter in terms of how many people saw it? If people make decisions on quality based on how popular something is, then said people need to take a lesson in thinking for themselves. Otherwise they should just accept that Twilight: New Moon is a better movie than Star Trek just because it performed better...
Outperformed most other Trek critically too. Obviously doing something right with everyone that Trek could barely do with in its fanbase before.

Next question?
It's pretty obvious that you missed the point entirely. It doesn't matter what other people think in terms of your own enjoyment of it. You can cite all the box office records, professional reviews, and movie awards, and that still shouldn't change your own enjoyment of the movie by one bit. Think for yourself.
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