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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Commander Janeway was standing on the mat doing tai chi chuan when his class came in. The class of 15 marines cadets came in and sat as Jake stopped. The students looked up at Jake expectantly. Alright, here goes nothing... “Welcome to Advanced SAMCMAP training. You have qualified for this by mastering the standard Starfleet and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and requesting Force Recon placements after you graduate. Now, the first class I do, we spar to see what your level of training. Now, everybody pick a part...,” Jake suddenly stopped when a cadet's hand popped up, “Yes, Cadet... Mason, is it?”
“Yes, sir, Cadet 4th Class Olivia Mason. To be frank, we've all heard about you and your career as a Marine Corps fighter. One of our number would like to take you on in a full contact fight,” she replied with a smile.
“Alright, well, who will I be facing then?”Jake asked as he stood up.
“Me,” replied the woman as the smile disappeared, “I'm an MMA fighter. I'm 25-7 so far, with 16 knockouts and 9 submissions.”
“Well, let's go.” Janeway replied, activating his comm, “Send a message to Dr. Weber at Medical, Captain Chakotay at Tactical Command, and Ambassador Tuvok at Vulcan Science Academy, tell them 'I've got a match today.'”
“Wait, right now?!” she replied, shocked, as Janeway looked over and grinned.
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