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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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Thanks. We're getting there!

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It looks great! I would think that you could "cheat" the dummy turbo lift for the real one if necessary by having the actors walk toward the dummy doors in a long shot, then switching angles to a close up of the working one for them to leave the Bridge. Might work if you need it for a storyline.
On the same page, man. On the same page. The doors actually do slide. It's just that there's no room out the back for a platform (just a triangular clearance of about a foot and a half. We can actually pan by the doors, open the doors off camera, have the actor step out and close them off camera, and he'll appear as though he's stepped out of the turbolift.
If your effects/editing set up can handle it, you could always green screen it.

Place a green screen behind the doors, that way you can "insert" a full sized turbo lift behind the doors as they open as the crew walks up, or to have a partial open door showing "battle damaged turbo" or even a liftless tube, depending on what the story would require. Then, just before the cast walks into the screen, you cut to a inside out shot. Then you film the crew entering your turbolift set with a green screen behind them hiding the bridge. Then shoot a "insert" with the camera from the other side to insert behind the actors showing proper bridge placement/action.

It adds more work to do in post production and takes a little more time to film said shots because of on set requirements, but it also adds a level of versatility for story telling

As an aside, have you given any thought to placing a "tix clock" anywhere on/in your sets?

They are great and are an example of what those things in the R-Refit corridors just might be:

Tix Clock -

During TSFS destruct sequence:
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