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Re: TNG remastered in HD? It CAN be done.

I know I've already pointed out the film vs tape difference myself several times in these conversations, but I'm sure it will be something that comes up many, many times. Reading on home theater forums, there are constant comments from people wondering how anything shot prior to 2007 can be made to work with BluRay, thinking that all film before that maxed out at DVD resolution or something. In fact, you can go back a couple more years, to when Lucas dumped the theatrical versions of the original trilogy on DVD, using a non-anamorphic, laserdisc transfer. There were so many people on different forums, that were so far up Lucas' nethers, and so desparate to defend him, they insisted that the original trilogy hadn't been filmed with the proper technology to make 16x9 transfers for DVD. No matter how many films from before 1977 you could show them on DVD with 16x9 widescreen transfers, it just wouldn't sink in with them.

So, maybe we need a sticky with this kind of info or something? The subject seems to come up fairly often.
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