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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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Thanks. We're getting there!

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It looks great! I would think that you could "cheat" the dummy turbo lift for the real one if necessary by having the actors walk toward the dummy doors in a long shot, then switching angles to a close up of the working one for them to leave the Bridge. Might work if you need it for a storyline.
On the same page, man. On the same page. The doors actually do slide. It's just that there's no room out the back for a platform (just a triangular clearance of about a foot and a half. We can actually pan by the doors, open the doors off camera, have the actor step out and close them off camera, and he'll appear as though he's stepped out of the turbolift.

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You know what I was thinking about doing with those click-on click-off lights to not have to deal with the batteries? I'm planning to take off the backs, and just take the lens and the front facing and glue it over a hole in the wall board that's the same size as the lens. That way, I can just put a shop light behind the panel and light both the elevator (well, in my case, the corridor) and the lamp up top with the same bulb. Of course, I'm planning on using the super cheap "touch lights," and this might not work for you guys, but I'm so leery of batteries, it's worth pursuing.
I'm going to put my trust into some batteries, just because the devices are powered that way.
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