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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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I like how you're focusing on the 'business-end' of things with this starship =).

Re-undercut: Maybe you could under-exaggerate it, and get back some usable space?
I sketched this up one night, tracing some of Shaw's work, and basing it off of what he called the 'conjectural hanging edge structure' - perhaps the undercut we saw on the show/the model was supposed to be a hanging edge, not a huge cutting into?

(This sketch would be for a ship greater than 947ft...)
(The red were parts I was proposing water/liquid/gas tankerage and life support sub-systems)

It's a good idea; but, I'm left torn between "by the book" and interpretation. That for me goes too far into interpretation. I hate the humps. And they present a particularly onerous problem specifically in the engineering section.

I've had to work and rework the area to come up with a solution that I can stomache and I think my final solution has turned out to be pleasing at least to myself. Ya'll haven't really seen it.. yet. I'll be posting it later. I'd originally built steps to the approaches to engineering and raised the whole floor. That doesn't work for me. It made me mad having to do it. So I changed it. Now the alcoves next to the lift entrance are on risers with steps leading up.

IMHO, it works pretty well and I'm pleased with it. Just hope something can be done with the other spaces where I'm anticipating a lot of loud verbalizations in the near future..
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