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Re: 'Tron: Legacy' team mount a 'Black Hole' remake

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YES! They HAVE to bring back the original score, which was the best thing about that movie (although I do love the movie itself).
Absolutely, that gothic music makes the opening scenes up until the point where they land on the Cygnus one of my favourites in sci fi! Admittedly, I watched it as a young boy but it was the first major sci fi movie I saw where some of the main characters ended up dead - so I loved it. VINCENT was no Muffet 2 but he was pretty cool to a kid.

Unfortunately, many modern remakes seem to have lost the ability to generate suspense. I watched the remake of the Andromeda Strain - it was really workmanlike and they replaced the credible middle-aged scientists with a bunch of 25-35 year old good looking men and women.

The remake of Assault on Precinct 13 was pretty good though, so it can be done.
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