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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hi, I'm 27 years old, I live in Romania and I love Star Trek. This is my first contact with other Trek aficionados. I haven't been a fan for long, but recently I began feeling the need to connect with people who share my interest in Trek. So I've joined this forum.

I was introduced to ST through TNG in the 90s, when watching an episode of ST on Sunday evenings was quite an event. After TNG had ended I tried watching DS9, but it didn't really catch on. I now realize that my attachement to Captain Picard & Co. was too strong at the time to even be willing to appreciate another Trek show. So I forgot all about Trek until two years ago when I happened to catch an episode of TNG on AXN and it all came back to me. I rewatched TNG, then DS9, which this time I absolutely loved, then the movies, VOY, TOS and ENT.

My favorite series are TNG, TOS and DS9, but I love ST as a whole because it's the sort of show that makes one think about everything really. I can honestly say that it has broadened my perspective on life and on our place in the universe. ST has also kindled my interest in science and technology, which, having an educational background in Humanities and a rabid hate for Math, used to be a completely opaque topic for me. I still hate Math, but at least I can read about space exploration and astronomy without going, 'Huh?'.

What I love most about Trek though is its storytelling and characters, the way in which in creates this huge fictional world and makes us believe in it. It's fascinating!

Well, I hope my first post wasn't too long and boring... I tend to ramble in writing.

It's nice to meet everyone and I can't wait to chat more with you about all fascinating aspects of ST.

Peace and long life!
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