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Re: The best Saavik?

I voted for Robin Curtis. When ever I read or hear the name Lt. Saavik, I think of Robin's Lt. Saavik. To me, Robin will always be Saavik. Even though Robin may have played Saavik more Vulcan-like, to me, Saavik is still half-Romulan. Maybe between the end of The Wrath Of Khan and the beginning of The Search For Spock, Saavik learned how to control her Romulan half the way Mr. Spock does his human half. I know, Spock's human half has showed itself a few times. 2 times I can think of are in Star Trek 5, the movie William Shatner directed. First was around the campfire towards the beginning when Spock tried McCoy's bean with Bourbon in them. The way Spock said "Mmm. Surprisingly good." sounded very Human, to me. The other was towards the end when Spock, on the bridge of the Enterprise, says to Klingon General Kordd "Damn you, sir." Spock definitely showed some anger and, for a Vulcan, he sounded pretty angry. Well, anyway, like I've done said somewhere in this post: Robin Curtis will always be Saavik, to me.
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