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Re: So what was the deal with Robert Beltran?

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I remember reading a comment Mulgrew made where she liked her time working on Voyager and "Out of a cast of 9, I've made 3 great friends."

I haven't really looked but apart from Wang, was there anyone else Mulgrew and/or the other cast didn't get along with?

Bob Picardo and Tim Russ are on that short list.

In fact, I believe that Bob Picardo is probably the closest to her.
I know that Mulgrew said when Voyager ended, she was standing on the Bridge set as they were tearing it down and she got teary, and Picardo came up and they hugged each other. I think she said it was "devastating", to see them just sort of quickly and methodically tear the sets down.

Yes, she's repeated that story a few times at a few cons.

She's also been quoted numerous times as saying that she believes friendships are forged with very strong bonds and that most of us, if we were to really admit it ourselves, only have a handful of very close friends. Outside of that, we have some very close acquaintances, but, to call someone a true friend, means you're giving them a certain level of love that isn't something that you should give carelessly or easily.

Of course, we all know she's a melodramatic hound, but I love her, and, to an extent, I think she's right.

She often asks people who interview her, "Who do you love? Who do you really, truly love?" When they ask her what question she would ask so-and-so. When they ask her why, she says, "Because the answer to that shows the character of the person."

I love coffee. I wonder what that says about me?
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