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Re: So what was the deal with Robert Beltran?

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I remember reading a comment Mulgrew made where she liked her time working on Voyager and "Out of a cast of 9, I've made 3 great friends."

I haven't really looked but apart from Wang, was there anyone else Mulgrew and/or the other cast didn't get along with?

Mulgrew did not like Jeri Ryan and according to Wang and others, made Jeri's life miserable for the time she was on the show. Most egregious was her sniffing that costumes are part of the job & actors shouldn't complain when Jeri passed out because the Borg suit was cutting flow through her carotid artery.

Kate, meanwhile, is on record for whinging about the hair and the bras for years.

She said at a con last year that she was wrong about how she treated Jeri.
Oh wow. I had no idea. That seems interesting, considering the on-screen relationship between Janeway and Seven.

Proof they're both pros.
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