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Re: Request: repository of Janeway's melodramatic quips

You should try my "Facepalm" Thread. There are a lot there. Let my quote myself...

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So, there are some serious facepalm moments in Voyager (as there are in all Trek series and movies). Some are more obvious than others. One that really struck me was the following:

"Think Tank"

"All we have to do now is... out-think the think tank." - Janeway


"Assemble the staff. We're going to find a way to outsmart a smart bomb." - Janeway

"False Profits"

"We have to out-ferengi... the Ferengi." - Janeway
I just ran across another one, and I had to share it. I'm rewatching season 4. I'm on "Prey".

Guess what my favorite captain just said?

"So, there's one question remaining. Who's hunting the hunters?"

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