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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

I think it was a fantastic episode, and what i really liked about it was the message driven commentary on depression.. people need to be more aware of it's devastating effects.. and just like the great modern USA cartoons and shows of the 80's to have an "the More you know is half the battle, Yo Joe!" hotline ad was a tremendously cool thing..

I myself have experienced depression when my own company folded after 4 years in business due to the economy and such.. and I had a friend in Highschool who suffered from manic depression, and eventually committed suicide.. it was a horrible time for his family, not to mention one of my favorite artists of all time Ian Curtis (Joy Division) fell victim to suicidal tendencies and hung himself.. so there is a lot of power in the message of this episode, and a refreshing break from the Left Leaning political commentaries of the RTD seasons.. nice to see a commentary on a social issue that doesn't alienate half the people, and cater to a section of the populace who have a specific agenda or view..

This was a great filler episode.. fillers are usually unimportant and sad to weather.. this one I would watch again without hesitation.. and that is the point of the episode and the focus.. it is a filler yes, some say weak, well maybe but then again as filler episodes go, this one left me thinking okay, I would definitely re-watch that one..and a nice break from the crack in time story line was well deserved..

a Nice Holiday for a week and then back to the overall big picture..
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