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Re: 'Tron: Legacy' team mount a 'Black Hole' remake

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I hope they show the black hole with an accretion disk drawing matter away from at least one stellar source, instead of empty space. That would be sweet! I haven't seen a black hole depicted in a multi-star system with an accretion disk on TV ever, except for maybe that one time, in Singularity from Season 2 of Enterprise (2002), but that's it, I think. Don't hold me to that, though. I wouldn't want to make an absolute statement and be quickly proven wrong or anything.
If there are any other exceptions, I'm not aware of them. I didn't even remember "Singularity" (since pretty much that whole season of ENT is very forgettable). But I should've known that if anyone would get the astrophysics visuals right, it'd be those guys. The writers/producers of ENT may have been all about the crazy technobabble, but the designers knew their stuff.
I'm pretty sure the one in Dr Who's The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit does as well
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