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Re: Twilight Zone may arrive on Blu Ray

To take one step beyond--so to speak--what TZ eps would you potentially like to see in 3-D? I say this with the idea that the overwhelming majority of eps would gain nothing from it, but surely this or that fave would be cool to see that way. My first nominee--Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.

On the other hand, even a holodeck on digital steroids couldn't save some eps :

Spur Of The Moment
Sounds And Silences
The Bewitchin' Pool
Queen Of The Nile
Stopover In A Quiet Town
Uncle Simon
And the ninety or so eps in which the past was not really that nice a place.

I hope they deep-six any new remake. Like SNL and Monty Python for comedy, TZ succeeded even in its worst moments because it challenged the conventions of the moment in time it was broadcast in. Absent that, only the true classics stand out. Otherwise, how many shrewish wives, doors to fantasy realms that make you choose, and vengeful fates reflected back onto the resenter can you take?

I'll bet we see a lot of set detail that wasn't evident before, and that the crew at the time obsessed over.
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