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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Ok, geared back up and hip deap in grime from crawling around the engineering basement... lol.

Change of intended direction. I decided instead of doing detail to go ahead right back into cleanup. But finally there are things to show. I started back in with cutting Engineering free from decks 6 and 7. Lotsa polys. Lots of headaches. But, it's moving along at a good clip.

This shows where I was yesterday. The relevant sections have been cut out, trimmed down nearly to where I wanted them, and the level 2 floor was blown out and replaced with a simpler, lower poly floor.

This shows a little of what I'm up against and might make it a little clearer why I built up with the outer hull skins attached on each deck. The skins stay put and show me exactly what my clearance level is for working between deck and hull. The
highlited sections show where the old floor level was, where it is now and how tight a squeeze it is to keep it level against the outer hull. The new floor will be complex as a result; but, not as poly laiden as the original.. hopefully. The one real
bit of license I got was from the Dorsal section:

You can see here that the dorsal section (green) intrudes with a wide enough footprint to allow for a level floor in the primary access areas of engineering. I had originally moved the main floor area up by 16 inches to avoid clearance issues.
But when I added the lower outer ring of the hull into the mix, it became clear that I had a lot more room, even with superstructure added, than I thought. So the floor is going back where it should be.

That said, here are some layering shots:

..the basement

Level 2 floor added along with lift maintenance area (trimmed).

Level 2 walls (trimmed)

And a shot from aft and under showing the trim work on the outer hull, alignment of deck 8 dorsal area, etc. There's a whole lot going on here - far more than readily apparent. This is where the docking collars are going to go. It's where the primary energy transfer systems link up to the saucer section, .... Lots of critical systems are going through here and I have to keep all of them in mind as I model this. The detail level of the bridge deck this far should be an example of how much I'm considering detail. And it doesn't yet have near the detail that it will have.

Look fun? lol. The build continues!
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