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Re: TNG remastered in HD? It CAN be done.

Apart from the fact that TNG could be remastered from film elements (which I believe has been brought up every time this topic is broached) the text quoted in the original post is incorrect on one point...the effects were not all shot on film. Miniatures, mattes, some visual effects elements, yes...but in the latter half of the series, there were most definitely some effects done without use of film. There were true video-based effects and even some attempts at CG (the library in Masks, IIRC) used, which also carried on into DS9 and VOY.

I should note that this is all from my memory, so don't mistake this for actual facts. My thoughts on this come from when I went to see Adam Howard do a talk/demo on the methods he was using at the time. (1993 maybe?)
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